What’s different between SILIC INTERNATIONAL and another China Procurement service provider?

Want to know, how to import from china? SILIC INTERNATIONAL provides one-stop solutions for business’s product supplies, including strategic sourcing, procurement, contract manufacturing and supply chain management in China. We will save you cost, time and remove all the hassles by taking care your product supplies from scratch till deliver to your door.
Our common principle is towards the final result for our clients; keeping the same working attitude, controlling the cost and working as a cooperative team internally.
Every member of our staff actively works on strategic sourcing initiatives for our clients. Our staff is entirely dedicated to providing the best possible results for our clients. Our team consists of sourcing professionals from very diverse backgrounds. Our staff has experience in everything from the top-consulting firms to engineers and industrial specialists. Our unique backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirits allow us to develop creative solutions to complicated scenarios.
With Silic International, you will receive a dedicated team of individuals assigned to your account that you can easily contact and have access to, throughout the life of the project and beyond. Our team will communicate with the China team effectively for your project development.

What is the role of Our Office in Procurement Services?

Our office member will act as your team liaison, working on the ground in China to manage procurement, sourcing and quality assurance, including all other processes involved in manufacturing in China.

How are our, Manufacturers and suppliers selected?

SILIC INTERNATIONAL has whole list of pre-qualified Chinese manufacturers and suppliers covering different industries and different industry zones in China. Our specialists, collecting up-to- date information through our resources, connection and networks in China, have updated our list constantly. We work with manufacturers selected independently, enabling our staff to evaluate their credibility, and represent your interests.

Do I need to go to China myself or will you represent us on the ground?

We represent you on the ground in China with all aspects of your project so that you do not have to be bothered with the details. Our staff on the ground in China represents your interests. We are your staff in China.

What are the minimum quantities?

We assists companies at many different stages. Clients range from those developing a prototype and looking to enter the market, to well established organizations requiring high volume quantities. We take care of all your needs while having American trained professional serving as your sourcing agents, with SILIC INTERNATIONAL on your side, your needs will be met.

What products can we have manufactured?

Your idea, design or finished product will come to life when you work with a high quality, dependable manufacturing company like us, with our comprehensive product range of durable goods across a wide range of industries.
Whether it is a product off the shelf or your own exclusive concept, we can design, source and manufacturer almost anything – test us with a challenge!
While we can put our talents to use in any area, here’s an example of some of the products we have already manufactured, they represent a small selection of what we contract manufactured most frequently. We have manufactured everything from small hardware goods such as nails and screws, through to office furniture and supplies.
Using Chinese manufacturers can significantly improve your bottom line profits by reducing costs and giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace with superior quality.

How are payments handled?

SILIC INTERNATIONAL will help you establish the viability of sourcing your products overseas within 24 hours, and without charge. Once quotes have been received and the customer enters into a contract for production, a deposit of 30-40% of the value of the invoice is required before production can begin. The remainder is due after our clients have received and approved the Quality Control Inspection Report, prior to shipping.

We are currently sourcing our own products, but what are the benefits of working with you?

In today’s complex business environment, you may require a procurement, sourcing and supply chain management partner with expertise; professionalism, experience and credibility to keep your supplier list updated and qualified suppliers sourced. Especially for your long term and reliable supplies, in order to minimize unwary risks for now and future, remove hassles dealing with foreign language and culture, you can always have some advice from SILIC INTERNATIONAL.

What is a Procurement Service Provider?

A Procurement Service Provider or PSP, like SILIC INTERNATIONAL, is a third party organization or consultant, which is used to supplement internal procurement departments. PSP’s have their own staffing which assist in a variety of tasks for their clients. These tasks include: strategic sourcing, supplier evaluation and negotiation, contract manufacturing, quality control, logistics support, supply chain establishment and management.

Why use a Procurement Service Provider?

At most organizations, it is very costly and difficult to maintain domain expertise in every category of product. Using a PSP avoids the burdens of procurement infrastructure for non-strategic categories. A Procurement Service Provider can provide a rapid analysis of an organization’s spend, negotiate with suppliers, manage supplier implementations and proven industry best practices. A good PSP will become an extension of the organization’s existing procurement resources, in a non-obtrusive fashion.

What is Strategic China Sourcing?

Strategic Sourcing is a process by which we harness the skills of the supply industry to optimize sustainable competitive advantage for the business and its customers.
Our process aims to develop a secure and responsive supply base capable of meeting current & future business needs in terms of:
Quality, Delivery, Cost, Quantity, Flexibility and Service

Is it safe to do business with the Chinese?

Over our 20 years of business, SILIC INTERNATIONAL has developed and built safeguards into every step of the sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics process. We minimize risk through extensive due diligence with the factories, producing and establishing standard, enforceable contracts in the local jurisdictions, and working in tandem with you to establish that every piece of product meets the inspection standards you specify.

How is quality control handled?

This process begins early on as we collect information for the RFQ, “Request for Quotation”. SILIC INTERNATIONAL works with you to develop a standards list comprising all critical areas to be inspected during the QC phase of our process. These standards are also built into the contract that the factory signs and agrees upon. During the production run, our QC team will check to see that these standards have been met and will return a pass/fail report with digital photos at each point of the inspection standard representing completion of that point.

Do I need to send my samples to the Chinese?

It is not always necessary to send your samples to China. However, in some cases the factories will need a first hand, 3D view of your product that 2D photos or drawings do not depict. Our experienced project managers will determine the best course of action based on your product and customer expectations.

How much will it cost to produce prototypes?

Prototype and sample costs are quoted during the sourcing phase of our process. The quote we provide contains not only the price per unit, but also sample or prototype costs and sample production time as well. These prices are determined on a case-by-case basis and each factory specifies the actual cost.

Who handles the freight and import details?

We are a full service on-site importer. We manage all phases of your project from sourcing to production to door-to-door logistics. We have a specialized team that works in tandem with freight forwarders to ensure that your containers will arrive at your door when you need them.

What do I need to know about Chinese customs?

Customs rates, clearances, and all other logistics details are taken care of by our SILIC INTERNATIONAL sourcing agents. These costs are built into SILIC INTERNATIONAL quotes which provide you a single, landed cost to determine your true unit cost.