SILIC INTERNATIONAL is Importer and trader of Agricutural & Horticultural Equipments and Products Like Power Sprayer Pump, Knapsack Sprayer, Battery Sprayer, Mist Sprayer, HIgh Pressure Spray Hose, Spray Guns, Brush Cutter, Rice Harvester, Hedge Trimmer, Power Tiller, Chain Saw and More. For More details target="_blank">Click Here


We import optical coating materials, Vacuum metalizing and other chemicals and Rare Earth Elements such as: zinc sulfide (ZnS), titanium monoxide(TiO), silicon monoxide(SiO), Prime Virgin Mercury(HG) and Many  more. For More details Click Here


SILIC INTERNATIONAL is best known for CCTV SECURITY SYSTEMS Importer in Delhi, India. Products range Include DVRs, Cctv Camera, Cctv Housing, Cctv Camera PCB Module, Camera Lens, Cctv Cables, SMPS, Power Supply and Many More. For more details Click Here

Computers, Laptops, Tablet PCs & Accessories

Importer & Supplier of Electronics, Computers, Tablet PCs, Laptops, Desktops, Computer Parts, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, Graphic Cards, Rams, Keyboards, Mouse, Motherboards & Other Computer Accessories.

Consumer Electronics

Importer & Supplier of  Consumer Electronics,  Mobile Phones, Mobile phone Accessories,  Mobile Phone cases, Smart Watches, wallets, Mini Speakers, Power Banks, Earphones & Headphones, Chargers, Importer & Supplier of Televisions, Satellite TV Receivers, Importer of Digital Cameras, Digital Photo frames,  Importer & Supplier of Air Conditioners, Fans, Refrigerators, Freezers, Washing machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Blenders, Coffee Makers, Ovens,  Home Heaters Etc.


Leading Importer and trader of UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMERS, DEVELOPMENT BOARDS, Electronic Components, Integrated Circuits (IC), Transistors, SMD Components, Mosfets, Diodes, Crystals, Capacitors, Resistors, Sensors and many more. For More details Click Here


Leading Importer and trader of UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMERS, DEVELOPMENT BOARDS, Electronic Components, Integrated Circuits (IC), Transistors, SMD Components, Mosfets, Diodes, Crystals, Capacitors, Resistors, Sensors and many more. For More details Click Here

Hardware & Tools

Importer & Supplier of Fasteners, Clamps,  Springs, Brackets, Abrasive Tools, Hooks, Chains, Abrasives, Hardware Stock,     Other Hardware, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Garden Tools, Material Handling Tools, Tool Parts, Tool Sets, Tools Packaging,     Construction Tools, Lifting Tools, Other Tools Etc.


SILIC INTERNATIONAL is Importer & Supplier of led lighting products like Led Interior Lights, Led Exterior Lights, Led Auto Lights, Led Boards, Led Signage’s, Led Bulbs, SMD Flexible Strip/ Led Strip/ Strip Lighting, Led Bulbs, Led Streetlight, Led Aviation Light, Led Under Water Burials, Solar Led Lights, Led Tube Light, Led Cove Lights, Led Wall Washer, Led Down lighters in Delhi, INDIA. For More details Click Here


Importer & Supplier of Agriculture Machinery,  Apparel & Textile Machinery, Building Material Machinery, Chemical Machinery & Equipment, Energy & Mineral Equipment, Engineering & Construction Machinery, Filling Machinery,     Food & Beverage Machinery, General Industrial Equipment, Industry Laser Equipment, Machine Tool Equipment,     Material Handling Equipment, Metal & Metallurgy Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Paper Production Machinery,     Plastic & Rubber Machinery, Plastic Product Making Machinery, Printing Machinery, Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Equipment, Woodworking Machinery & More Other Machines.

Measurement & Analysis Instruments

Importer & Supplier of Electronic Measuring Instruments, Testing Equipment, Optical Instruments, Temperature Instruments, Flow Measuring Instruments, Pressure Measuring Instruments, Measuring & Gauging Tools, Electrical Instruments, Level Measuring Instruments, Physical Measuring Instruments, Laboratory equipment, Infrared Thermometers, Weighing Scales, Gold Detectors, Analyzers, Timers, Counters, Flow Meters, Microscopes, Instrument Parts & Accessories.


SILIC INTERNATIONAL is Importer & Supplier of world class Network & telecommunication Products like 3G/4G Routers,  USB Modems, LAN/WAN Cables, CAT5 Cables, CAT6 Cables, LAN/ WAN Connectors,  Fiber optic Cables, Patch Cords, ST/SC Fiber optic adaptor, LC-SC/SC-FC  fiber optic connector, Multimode/ Large Core fiber optic coupler, Plug Type/Inline Fixed Fiber optic attenuator, Male-Female/Variable Fiber optic attenuator, 3 Port Polarization Insensitive fiber optic circulator, Fiber optic Isolator, PLC Splitter etc. For more details Click Here


SILIC INTERNATIONAL is a Professional Agent in INDIA of RongDa Photosensitive Science And Technology Inc. Rongda Company has became a navigator in the research and development, and manufacturing of domestic PCB printing ink. RongDais a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the production of high-end photosensitive chemical materials. Over the past years, Rongda Company is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality products, and helping them to improve the quality of products and control production cost continuously, making great contributions to China printed circuit board industry (“PCB” for short). For more details Click Here


SILIC INTERNATIONAL is specializes in Rare Earth industry for decades and now is the leading Importer and supplier of various Rare Earth Oxides, Compounds, Metals & Alloys of China. SILIC INTERNATIONAL is committed to satisfying all of customer’s technical requirements and offers a completely efficient service. We now import & export more than 300 kinds of Rare Earth products to more than 30 countries worldwide. For More details, click here